• Overhaul update

    Posted on June 16, 2016

    16th June 2016 saw four SMF volunteers at work on their engine.

  • Sales Stand Dates 2016

    Posted on June 10, 2016

    A reminder of our remaining sales stand dates this year. The stands will be located on the concourse of the Severn Valley Railways Kidderminster Town station, selling a variety of goods donated by members and supporters to raise money for 42968 and keep the fund running. We look forward to seeing you at our stand.

    Dates for your diary:

    Saturday 16th July – SVR Peep behind the scenes day – Small stand

    Saturday 6th August –     Small stand

    Saturday 13th August –   Small stand

    Saturday 20th August –   Small stand

    Sunday 4th September – SVR on the Buses event – Small stand

    Saturday 17th September  – Small stand

    Saturday 8th October –   Small stand

    Friday 4th November – SVR End of Season Gala – Main stand

    Saturday 5th November – SVR End of Season Gala – Main stand

    Sunday 6th November – SVR End of Season Gala – Main stand

  • Overhaul update

    Posted on May 30, 2016

    Work begins on the boiler…

  • Overhaul update

    Posted on May 12, 2016
  • Overhaul update

    Posted on April 22, 2016
  • Overhaul update

    Posted on April 18, 2016
  • 25th Anniversary of 2968’s return to public service in preservation

    Posted on April 13, 2016

    25 years ago today on the 13th April 1991, 2968 hauled her first passenger-carrying train since 1966. This was an SMF Members special, allowing those who had worked and contributed towards the engine’s resurrection to have the chance to savour her first outing.

    Three round trips on the Severn Valley Railway for 96 miles of running, with 481 happy SMF members onboard, departed right time from Kidderminster station with nine coaches for 287 tons.

    “So, at 9.45am on 13/4/91, she set out with her first passenger train in preservation. Apart from developing a blown gasket on the fireman’s side snifting valve, she settled down to give a faultless performance all day.”

    Images: Richard Greaves

  • Overhaul update

    Posted on April 7, 2016

    2968’s boiler has undergone Non-destructive testing using ultra sound which is why some of the boiler looks wet. The engineer was using the same kind of gel that is used on pregnant women when they have a scan. White parts on the boiler show which parts have been checked. The outcome of this process is data which the boiler shop management will use when they decide what work needs carrying out on the boiler.

    Images: Robin Spain

  • Overhaul update

    Posted on March 26, 2016
  • Phil Pixton

    Posted on March 19, 2016

    It is with great sadness that we report the death of one of our founder members, Phil Pixton. Our locomotive’s salvation from Barry can largely be attributed to him, and his dedication to its restoration in the early days, and support long since, is in a great part why we are where we are today.

    Jim Norman, Archivist and fellow founder member, writes:

    Phil’s lasting legacy is the Stanier Mogul Fund: its setting up was in a major sense down to Phil, and had it not been formed it is unlikely that another group would have cared for and tendered our engine so well. And so I have no hesitation in commending the SMF as a lasting memory to Phil Pixton, and to offer our sincere condolences to Carol, his family and friends.

    In the picture beneath, Phil can be seen stage right, alongside Jim Norman and Richard Greaves, the backdrop being our locomotive No 42968 at Barry in 1973.