• Overhaul update

    Posted on March 17, 2016


  • Bachmann Model

    Posted on February 17, 2016

    We are excited to announce that Bachmann Branchline have released these images of the engineering samples of the LMS Stanier Moguls in OO Scale.

    The three models they will release will be No. 2965 in LMS lined black livery, No. 42969 in BR lined black with early emblem and our very own 42968 in BR lined black livery.

    For more information visit the Bachmann Website



  • Overhaul update

    Posted on February 11, 2016

    42968’s boiler has been brought down from the Up headshunt to outside the northern end of the boiler shop, where SVR volunteers can continue the work started by the Fund’s own working parties in preparation for its entering the shop itself later this year, when the serious work by the SVR staff can begin.


    Images: John Bowater and Robin Spain

  • Overhaul update

    Posted on February 4, 2016

    Today saw, as usual, work proceeding on several fronts.

    The Left Hand expansion link was removed and is seen with its neighbour on a pallet to aid movement. Removal took an hour; cleaning required four hours! Such is the state that the hidden parts of steam engines achieve. The cleaning did though reveal the number 13268 stamped into it, so this is yet another part dating from the engine’s building over 82 years ago.

    More work occurred to the driver’s side cab. A new vertical angle bracket had been made and temporarily fitted. The bent stanchion which attaches to the cab side via this bracket has been straightened and also trial fitted for marking out. Both have again been removed for further work

    Painting, of course, continues, today on the cylinder. We decided on a change from the usual grey or black and this time chose silver. The Right Hand side was done this week, the Left Hand cylinder will receive attention next week.


    Images: Jim Norman

  • Overhaul update

    Posted on January 29, 2016

    Another selection of pictures from Bridgnorth featuring work being carried out over the last two or three weeks. The bulk of them show the repairs which have been carried out on the left hand cab door mounting panel. The original angle iron was seriously rusted and somewhat bent (as seen in the photos especially when compared with the new angle) whilst the big panel was just bent. That has been straightened out and a new single piece of angle iron cut, drilled and painted to replace the life expired originals. A new nut and washers have also been made for the bottom of the hand rail. The right hand cylinder is showing off the start of its new coat of silver paint.


    Images: Robin Spain

  • Overhaul update

    Posted on January 7, 2016

    Today saw work proceeding on three different fronts:

    A task for the working party requested by the SVR was the removal of the expansion links, and the right hand side one was tackled today. This is the space it previously occupied.



    Most of the assembly on the floor: the link itself and its outer mounting bracket. Removal of this bracket necessitated the prior removal of the drive crank for the mechanical lubricators (bottom centre), which proved to be amazingly tight on the trunnion shaft. It gave in eventually!



    The other bracket in the wash for a thorough clean. This is the inside bracket with its outer face uppermost.


    Painting, of course, continues apace, and now it’s the turn of the smokebox saddle, which had been needle gunned some months ago to remove all rust.


    Steel fabrication work was also tackled. With the running plate angles and their brackets now finished, work turned to the cab area. The threads at the bottom of the handrail were recut; a new nut will be made to attach it.  Mounting brackets were welded to part of the footplate flooring, shown here front end uppermost. The holes allow access to the tender drawbar pins should the tender need to be detached.


    Images: Jim Norman



  • Overhaul update

    Posted on December 14, 2015


    A brief photo update showing the front running plate angles, now completed and back in place along with the platework above.


    Images: Jim Norman

     DSCF9039  DSCF9038


  • Overhaul update

    Posted on December 3, 2015


    Painting continues on the many components of the running plate prior to their replacement on the engine.



    Back in black. The front frames are again in black (undercoat). The running plate angles are now complete, welded into place and ground smooth. Again, coats of black undercoat have been applied.



    The relay linkage for the damper gear below the cab has been taken off, allowing full access to the frames behind for cleaning and painting. The linkage itself has been checked for wear in its bushes; as none was found, it was merely thoroughly cleaned and will be painted before replacing back on the engine.



    The driver’s side cab sidesheet was bulging out at the rear end due to corrosion and swelling of the angle bracket joining it to the rear stanchion, which itself had suffered some distortion due to a mismatch between the loco and the Stanier 4000 gallon tender with which she has twice been paired. The stanchion has been removed after having its rivets drilled out. It will be straightend and the angle bracket renewed.



    The linkage temporarily stored on the footplate awaiting its turn from the paint brush.

    Images: Jim Norman



  • Sales stand dates 2016

    Posted on November 30, 2015

    We are pleased to announce our Sales stand dates for 2016.

    Throughout 2016 we will be operating a number of small sales stands with a full sales stand for the Steam gala events. The stands will be located on the concourse of the Severn Valley Railways Kidderminster Town station, selling a variety of goods donated by members and supporters to raise money for 42968 and keep the fund running. We look forward to seeing you at our stand.

    Dates for your diary:

    Saturday 5th March –     Small stand

    Friday 18th March
    Saturday 19th March –   Severn Valley Railway Spring Gala – Full stand over all 3 days.
    Sunday 20th March

    Saturday 2nd April –       Small stand

    Sunday 17th April – Members and Shareholders Day – Small stand

    Saturday 30th April –     Small stand

    Saturday 7th May –         Small stand

    Sunday 15th May –          Small stand

    Saturday 4th June –        Small stand

    Saturday 16th July – SVR Peep behind the scenes day – Small stand

    Saturday 6th August –     Small stand

    Saturday 13th August –   Small stand

    Saturday 20th August –   Small stand

    Sunday 4th September – SVR on the Buses event – Small stand

    Saturday 17th September  – Small stand

    Saturday 8th October –   Small stand

  • Overhaul update

    Posted on November 5, 2015



    A photo round up of work carried out by the SMF working party on
    the 5th November 2015.


    Replacement angle for LH running plate welded in place






    Cleaning up one of the running plate supports that fit on the cylinders





    Removing rust from one of the cab floor parts





    Close up of the replacement angle







    Grinding away surplus weld from the replacement angle





    Scraping off dirt from one of the running plates that fit over the cylinders






    The two repaired running plate supports before painting


    Images: Robin Spain

     05.11.15 0001 robin spain

    05.11.15 0002 robin spain

    05.11.15 0003 robin spain

    05.11.15 0004 robin spain

    05.11.15 0005 robin spain

    05.11.15 0006 robin spain

    05.11.15 0007 robin spain