Young Members Scheme

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Have you ever considered becoming involved in the future care and maintenance of an 80-year-old ex-BR standard gauge steam locomotive?

The Stanier Mogul Fund is delighted to introduce a new on-line Young Members Scheme, designed to attract and encourage younger members of our steam preservation movement to look to the future and take an active role in the safeguarding of sole surviving LMSR ‘Stanier Mogul’ No 13268.

• £10 purchase of ‘First of the Finest’ certificate.
• Prospective young members should be under the age of 30 at time of application.
• Upon reaching 30 years of age, young members will be invited to become full members of the Stanier Mogul Fund by making a ‘Lifetime’s Commitment’ (monthly standing order of between £2 and £10 – your decision on the amount), or otherwise allow their affiliation to lapse.

• Access to members’ exclusive information on website portal, including downloadable PDFs of biennial newsletter.
• Subsidised travel on SMF special trains.
• Entry into an annual young members’ prize draw to win a Footplate Ride on the Severn Valley Railway, or a place on the annual SMF Footplate Experience.
• Getting ‘hands-on’ with the engine in regular working parties (participants must also be Severn Valley Railway members in order to meet insurance requirements).
• Participation in any future subscription schemes with exclusive rewards.
• Shaping the future of the Stanier Mogul Fund, thus securing the long-term preservation of LMSR No 13268 as a working steam locomotive.

1) Make payment for your First of the Finest certificates online, to sort code: 20-82-70 and account number: 7082 7037, please enter your name as the reference.

2) Finally complete the form below and submit.

Young Members Application