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The Stanier Mogul Fund was established in 1970 for the specific purpose of purchasing and restoring to running order ex-LMS and BR steam locomotive No 13268/2968/42968, following the withdrawal of steam traction from Britain’s railways. Much support was received in the early days, both financial following imaginative and effective fund raising activities, and practical in the form of working parties undertaking maintenance and repair work at Barry scrap yard and, later, on the SVR. Our locomotive’s tale of survival can be read here.  The fund has been equally active in collating photographs and other archival material of the engine and its classmates.

The Fund has been very successful over the years in anticipating its locomotive’s maintenance requirements. Long ago, provisions were made for the financing of the present overhaul, and we have been equally proactive in preparing for the next general overhaul. It is the Fund’s ambition to complete this in good time such that it can be in traffic for its 100th birthday in 2034. If you would like to become a member of the SMF and assist in achieving this goal, you will find further information here.

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