Driving and Firing experience

Driving and Firing experience



On the 13th, 14th and 15th of October the SMF ran its annual driving and
firing experience trains for members. This ran between Bridgnorth and
Hampton Loade with a full rake of carriages. The first day we had 7812
“Erlestoke Manor” (GW 4-6-0) however due to piston problems we
swapped for 1501 (GW 0-6-0PT) for the second and third days.



We were blessed with good weather throughout and the smiles on the
faces of both participants, crews and helpers were testament of the
fun had by all.



Special thanks go to the crews for their enthusiasm and skill, all the helpers
for their hard work, Bridngorth buffet staff for looking after us and
ultimately the participants for taking part and making it a pleasure.



Images: Lynne & John Tidmarsh



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