Overhaul update

Overhaul update



Painting continues on the many components of the running plate prior to their replacement on the engine.



Back in black. The front frames are again in black (undercoat). The running plate angles are now complete, welded into place and ground smooth. Again, coats of black undercoat have been applied.



The relay linkage for the damper gear below the cab has been taken off, allowing full access to the frames behind for cleaning and painting. The linkage itself has been checked for wear in its bushes; as none was found, it was merely thoroughly cleaned and will be painted before replacing back on the engine.



The driver’s side cab sidesheet was bulging out at the rear end due to corrosion and swelling of the angle bracket joining it to the rear stanchion, which itself had suffered some distortion due to a mismatch between the loco and the Stanier 4000 gallon tender with which she has twice been paired. The stanchion has been removed after having its rivets drilled out. It will be straightend and the angle bracket renewed.



The linkage temporarily stored on the footplate awaiting its turn from the paint brush.

Images: Jim Norman



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