Overhaul update

Overhaul update



A photo round up of work carried out by the SMF working party on
the 5th November 2015.


Replacement angle for LH running plate welded in place






Cleaning up one of the running plate supports that fit on the cylinders





Removing rust from one of the cab floor parts





Close up of the replacement angle







Grinding away surplus weld from the replacement angle





Scraping off dirt from one of the running plates that fit over the cylinders






The two repaired running plate supports before painting


Images: Robin Spain

 05.11.15 0001 robin spain

05.11.15 0002 robin spain

05.11.15 0003 robin spain

05.11.15 0004 robin spain

05.11.15 0005 robin spain

05.11.15 0006 robin spain

05.11.15 0007 robin spain


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